Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Worldcloud for ccnworks

Here is a worldcloud created for my code repository on:

First get the commit message history into a text file (the last commit is r287):

svn log >> test.txt

Then with a bit of VIM trick and manual step, remove unwanted lines:

sort u

Select of all the text, and import into

Tadaaa, here comes the result :)

Indeed, we are data scientists here in atmospheric science!

Alternative wordcloud implementation comes from Andreas Mueller. I saw his A Wordcloud in Python titled posting via Planet SciPy. In order to run his I needed to change unsigned int[:,:] integral_image -> unsigned long[:,:] integral_image in query_integral_image.pyx to get past 'ValueError: Buffer dtype mismatch, expected 'unsigned int' but got 'unsigned long''.

Then feeding the same log data I get the following image, which is nicer looking than the wordle's image :)

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  1. Sweet. you are already the second person who preferred it over wordl :) Guess it is 64/32bit. I'm on 32. I hope I just fixed that.