Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Virgin Islands Diary - Day 1

Today I have once again realized that, I can't think the same way in Turkish as I do in English and vice versa. Yesterday night, and this morning I tried to translate my first diary posting to English, but to no avail. Neither I was able to list the words as nicely I did in Turkish nor my sleepy eyes were able to fight more. So I have decided to alternate these island blogs in between languages. Writing Turkish for even days and English for odd days unlike I originally planned to write dual language for all days. Unlike me, Erden Eruç can handle dual language blogging (as well as circumnavigating the earth) very well with using the beautiful intricacies of both languages. Three years of staying in an English speaking country apparently is not enough for me, still lots of grammar mistakes, still asking toothbrush instead of toothpaste and filling in arrival dates instead of departure dates in forms. Of course, fatigue from long travel and not getting proper sleep, high humidity and trying to focus on writing and improving an important research related text and the rash of trying to response for those who wonders about me using this turtle speed internet connection. Tell me please, where is my grammar fairy?

Day 1 goes fast indeed. Waking up 7:30 and trying to cope with the high humidity and heat aren't as easy as it looks. Think of it like living in your bathroom while your hot shower is on. Luckily these rooms have air conditioning to make life easier. It feels like changing climates from going inside and out and outside in. I don’t remember glasses getting fogged in summer, like you step inside a warmer place from a colder place. It was a busy day today. Finally we have created an almost page long draft that describes our efforts about numerical cloud parcel model experiments that will go in a report. It took many hours indeed to finalize those few paragraphs. Each sentence triggered a new question and each question lead to a new thought provoking discussion. In our case, even jokes turned into deep intellectual conversations and sometimes deep intellectual conversations into jokes. Anyone out can tell me what "exact non-equilibrium thermodynamics" really means? :) or how Thales' deductive reasoning could play role in explaining your thought process while delving deep into the explanation of internal cloud model interactions? Probably floating on the ocean while sipping a cold drink might cause similar triggers in one's mind. Still yet to try if this claim is true or not. Students of science occupation tend to verify things, don't they?

Even though I wasn’t able to fly today, I had chance to connect to the C-130 data system to see the measurements in real-time. This is great since without being in the aircraft you can observe how things are looking out there, except experiencing some cloud bumpiness and sharp research maneuvers. Today they performed the 4th research flight. The previous 3 research flights have already been processed and shared. Meaning I have more data to study and understand. I like variety yes, and I have atmospheric dataset collections from many different locations of the earth. When I want to go the South Pacific or Arabia or even to the central US (actually, I just go there instead of all these buzz :D), I just browse into my folders and have a fresh look at what those probes tell me, what the radar reveal, and how their imagers capture clouds like. More research is on the way, so better tigthen my mind.

Those flurries have visited us again at around the same time like they did last night. Free nightly washing service. No wonder this tropical island is so green :)

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